Sonic USB Player

£47.94 £47.94

The Sonic Player is ideal for users who want to take their MP3 books or newspapers on their travels, or simply need a lightweight USB player in order to easily move from room to room.

The Sonic is Ideal for Talking Newspapers and Talking Books. The listener can easily navigate between multiple publications on one stick at the tap of a button.




  • Ultra Portable, weighing only 235 grams and measuring only 6 inches in width
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easily navigate between Files / Books on the same stick.
  • Plays MP3, WAV and WMA
  • Superb sound quality, equal to Sovereign
  • Multi-Stick Bookmark Memory
  • Protected speakers
  • Rechargeable battery, AC Charger included
  • Headphone Socket easily accessible


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