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Setup an Amazon Echo device

1. Download the Alexa app to your smart device.

Download Alexa app for Android device
Download Alexa app for IOS device

2. On your smart device, open the Alexa app and log in to your Amazon account.

You need an Amazon account to use the Alexa app.

If you do not have an Amazon account you must create a new account.

Screenshot of Alexa app
Open the Alexa App

3. Plug in your Amazon Echo device.

Photo of Alexa Dot
Ensure the Alexa device is plugged in and switched on.

4. Add a new device to your Amazon account

Add device in Alexa app
Add New device in the Alexa app

5. Connect to Wi-Fi

You will see a list of available networks, you must know your Wi-Fi password. This can usually be found on the back of the router.

6.Additional Support

For any additional support with your Alexa device please contact AbilityNet. AbilityNet provide support for older people and people living with a disability.

AbilityNet logo