Anna Herrin (database)

We don’t just have radio distributor volunteers – we also have numerous people who give up their time to help us at our head office.

Anna has been volunteering for British Wireless for the Blind Fund for six years.

She helps us out as a database administrator – making sure our recipients’ and supporters’ details are all correct and up-to-date on our system.

Anna gives up her time to help at two other charities as well and says she loves the variety volunteering can bring.

“I worked for 20 years and was then made redundant,” she said.

“Volunteering helps to keep me busy and gets me out and about.

“It also keeps me up to speed with computer work, it’s the sort of thing I like doing, it’s nice having the variety of different people to see and sitting at home would be boring!

“I always had the ambition to work for a charity but it never happened so I’m doing it now by volunteering.”

Our head office volunteers are vital in helping us to keep things going behind the scenes.

Anna is generous enough to give us three days of her time a fortnight.

She has spina bifida and said that was a part of wanting to help out a charity which supports people with a disability.

“Anything to do with a disability from my point of view is worthwhile and I think anyone who is thinking about volunteering should go for it,” she added.

“Charities are always looking for volunteers to help in all sorts of areas and whether you have got a disability or not there is always space for people.

“I feel like I’m giving something back to society and to a cause which helps others.”