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Our Christmas Appeal 2023

Fill even more homes with the comforting sound of music this Christmas

This Christmas, in homes across the country, choral music will be ringing out as we all sing along to our favourite carols. And things will be no different at Vera's house in Wales. Vera loves music - she plays the piano, sings in a local choir and has her radio on nearly all the time at home, with Classic FM being her absolute favourite.

Vera has been completely blind from birth, and she explained that she "needs to have noise in the house". She finds this especially comforting since her husband of 43 years died unexpectedly in 2019. Filling her home with the sounds of song and music helps her to cope with the loneliness she feels since he passed away.

Vera told us, "I'm not technical at all as my husband used to do all of that" but says that her adapted Concerto 3 radio from British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF) means she can easily stay connected to her passion in life.

"Since I've been on my own I try to do the best I can, but it's the loneliness. Loneliness is horrible. However, my radio gives me pleasure - without my radio I wouldn't have enjoyment."

The joy that Vera gets from her Concerto 3 also reaches beyond the walls of her home as it helps her to learn the music she sings as a soprano in her local choir. At rehearsals she records the songs on cassette and then plays them back over and over at home until she knows them all off by heart. People often admire how she sings all the words perfectly!

She also uses her Concerto 3 to listen to books and magazines on USB sticks - something that she and her husband, who was also blind, used to enjoy doing together.

"I'm only so lonely because I had such a good marriage," Vera says, "but my radio and music help me to try to get through life."

It is loneliness such as this that BWBF has been working tirelessly to alleviate through the companionship of radio since 1928 - providing lifelong support to people living with sight loss.

"If I had a problem with anything I would definitely phone again. The person who I spoke to was so very, very kind."

Vera hopes that sharing her story will. move people to keep supporting BWBF. She told us, "Radio is the most important thing, and you need more support!"

Making a donation this Christmas will help fill even more homes with the comforting sound of music.

With many thanks and season's greetings to you and your loved ones.

If you would like to make a donation you can call us on 01622 754757, or send a cheque made payable to British Wireless for the Blind Fund to 10 Albion Place, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5DZ


Sue Cook