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New Membership Area

We are delighted to announce that the new BWBF Membership Area is now live!

This will revolutionise the way we can support you: our online beneficiaries. This area will allow us to collect accurate, listening data and help us establish and improve our impact, as well as identify improvements for our apps through continued funding.

The Membership Area will request that all users register their details and then sign in, which will then give access to the full range of BWBF apps.

All our BWBF apps will now include this Membership Area, as a gateway to the Speech apps that we already provide and will continue to do so.

Once you have signed in to any one of our BWBF apps, the next app you download will automatically carry over this same sign-in making it as accessible as possible.

Our commitment is to the future of our listeners. We hope that by supporting and interacting with you through our Membership Area, this will allow us to communicate better with you and actively listen to your ideas and views on how we can improve our service.


Apps & Skills

Alongside our physical sets that BWBF has provided for over 95 years now, we are also proud to provide free to access uniquely designed applications, that are produced through our in-house development team. Producing these applications in-house allows us to listen to our beneficiaries and provide the best possible user experience, resulting in one of the most simple ways to access audio through a smart device. These applications are breaking the boundaries of simple access to content and are free to use for anyone living with sight loss in the UK.


Our Mission

Our mission statement is simple "Reducing loneliness and isolation whilst enhancing the lives of those with sight loss".

Since 2009 BWBF has been achieving this through our internet-connected services by unlocking the internet, providing uninterrupted access to content through its Streamed Service.

BWBF is immensely proud of its Streamed Service, this innovative service removes barriers put in place that naturally occur as part of internet navigation, such as internal searches and pop-ups. Access to entertainment, escape and free content is not easy for those living with sight loss - especially those losing their sight later in life.

Currently there are around 2 million people living with sight loss in the UK - BWBF provides completely free to download access, allowing us the potential to reach huge numbers of isolated and vulnerable people.

Never before, has access to radio, news and information been so important. BWBF believes this should be available to everyone. We aim to bring equality and level the playing field across the board.

In 2021 we have begun to launch our Speech Apps, bringing technology never seen before in a downloadable smart phone application. With the ability for users to switch between a Speech and Gesture mode. Through the Speech mode users can fully interact with every single feature and control everything with their voice, then when in a quiet area switch to gesture mode for quiet working.

Our applications are fully inclusive, allowing users to build their own experience. Our 'Streamed Service' allows any user to contact us and suggest new content types, ideas or genres not already presented through the app - giving a personal approach to each individual's needs. Our army of volunteers research and include this within the content. This simple and structured approach opens up an entire new world to people, resulting in mindfulness and wellbeing.

Bringing access to content that is not normally accessible on the internet, due to complex graphical web pages hindered by adverts and pop ups, gives users diverse choice of local information, news, entertainment and tools for empowerment and self-development.

In 2022 we plan to go much further bringing a membership area to ensure users' needs can be fully met. As well as the opportunity to explore new apps and skills that will be free to download on both iOS and Android.

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