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Smart Speakers

British Wireless for the Blind Fund has embraced the Smart Speaker revolution with the launch of a Skill on Amazon and an Action on Google Home.

BWBF has teamed again with Talking News Federation 'TNF' to produce a supportive skill allowing people who are visually impaired to access over 250 individual Talking Newspapers and Magazines from the four nations of the UK.

Everything is found under one umbrella through opening the skill or action called "Talking Newspaper" where the user can ask for a Local Talking Newspaper name or a place in the UK. The skill is currently compatible with all talking newspapers hosted by us through our Streamed Service.

The development of this skill was initially supported by the Scottish Government's Community Recovery Fund through the National Lottery Community Fund through a joint project between Cue and Review and British Wireless for the Blind Fund.

BWBF has continued to develop this skill since the initial grant and is pleased to announce that the latest update was released in June 2022. Which allows users to be notified when their favourite publication has been is available. As well as allowing users to move within tracks by rewinding and fast forwarding.

Building for the future

Projects with a community focus, starting with Care Homes which are high on our list, where we have begun to deliver smart speakers into care homes in the South West. As well as a bigger plan to work closely with TNF in 2022 to ensure listener needs are identified so that relevant changes are made to the skill going forward.

Skill Details

Related: Guidance suggested. This skill contains dynamic content
Invocation Name: Talking Newspaper
Alexa Link: Alexa
Google Link: Google
Instructions: Instruction Guide

Talking Newspaper Installation Guide

Install guide for Alexa skill and Google app