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Souleyman Bah

Please welcome our newest and most definitely our fastest patron. Gold medal winning Souleyman Bah.

Who is Souleyman?   

Souleyman Bah is a 20 year old, up and coming athlete for the Great Britain Paralympic Team. He specialises in sprinting and his main events include the 100 and 200 meters. He Suffers from a rare eye condition called RP, which renders him visually impaired and therefore qualifies for the T13 bracket of the Paralympic categories.

“When you see less and less of the faces of the people you love, you worry about one day going blind. But when your vision for the future is bigger and clearer than what you see around you, sight becomes a distraction. Because what you see is what you see, and what you don’t see is where the magic begins.”

What are his achievements and plans?

Souleymans biggest achievement in the sport so far, was winning a gold medal in the 100 meters at the Paralympic School Games, which were held in Natal, Brazil in November 2015. Souleyman has high ambitions to represent his country at a senior international competition such as the European and/or World championships but his ultimate dream, goal and aspiration is to gain selection for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and also to hopefully win a medal. “I am on track to make it! I’ve recently been selected for the British Athletics Talent Development Squad as I show great promise for the future”.

"I am excited and honoured to also be part of the BWBF team. It's such a fantastic charity, with fantastic people, doing amazing things for visually impaired people. I can't wait to play my part."