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Coming Soon

BWBF is committed to the development and delivery of free-to-download apps and skills. This commitment will see more Speech Apps delivered in late 2022 and into 2023, as well as new Smart Speaker skills that are on the horizon.

Here is what we can expect in 2022/23 with more exciting Speech Apps:-

  • BWBF Membership area - Coming end of 2022

    BWBF is creating a supportive environment for users to join, that will be required to access all BWBF Speech Apps going forward.

    This will allow BWBF to better understand and support all their app users so that we can enhance the user experience further in the future.

  • Speech Talking Newspaper - Coming end of 2022

    This will see our current Talking Newspaper app brought up to date with the Speech functionality, as well as a new feature to remember the users choice of speech or gesture mode when you next open the app. As well as a much requested favourites section being made available.

  • Speech Podcasts - Coming mid 2023

    The world is Podcasts will become even more accessible in 2023 through Speech Podcasts, bring together a multitude of live news, podcasts and V.I. focused information.

Be part of future development

We are proud of our ability to continue listening to your needs, which allows us to keep producing apps that truly solve everyday problems, with amazing user interfaces. We want to go much further but need your help, if you want to be part of our research or testing program, please email us at we would be delighted to hear from you.

Keep an eye on our website and our social media for developments.