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Groundbreaking New Radio App Launched

British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF) has launched a groundbreaking new Android app.

Speech Radio harnesses technology that has never before been used in a mobile app to allow the user to control its functionality and operations entirely by voice.

The voice-controlled Speech Radio app will give users access to more than 10,000 radio stations. When users don’t wish to control all of the features and functions within the app with their voice, they can simply say “speech off”. The device’s standard TalkBack functionality will take over to turn off the command. In addition to speech interaction, a built-in gesture mode provides additional means of control when voice is not available.

Speech Radio is now free to download on IOS and Android.

BWBF Connect

BWBF Connect enables the recipient to receive a device via a doorstep delivery. They then receive a phone call from a member of BWBF’s team who can talk them through the set up and answer any questions they may have, ensuring that they get full use of the equipment.

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving a device, you can contact us in the following ways:

Call: 01622 754 757, Email:, or use the Referral Form

To receive a free device via BWBF Connect, the recipient must meet the following criteria:

  • Resident in the UK
  • Registered or registerable blind or partially sighted
  • Over the age of eight
  • In receipt of a means-tested benefit (or parent/guardian in receipt if under 18)
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