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Four years ago Brian woke up with the sight in his right eye completely gone. Just blackness remained and he only has 20% vision in his left eye.

He said it was life-changing, especially as he used to run a small chauffeuring firm and hoped to go on driving clients until he was in his 80s.

At first he was reluctant to join social groups and he missed reading the 2,000 plus books he used to enjoy for relaxation.

Now he’s 74, Brian’s wife does all the driving but as she still works he has to do things in the home. He says his confidence has grown over time and he’s now a member of three different clubs.

Brian, from Llanelli, has a Concerto 2 set and says he uses it every day and loves listening to music and the local talking newspaper on CD.

“This is my first set from British Wireless – it’s just lovely,” he said.

“I’m very pleased with it. The yellow buttons are fantastic – you can see them against the black background.

“It’s a very good machine, with good sound quality.

“The other good thing about having my own radio is that nobody comes and changes the pre-sets.”