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Imogen and Declan

Ten-year-old Imogen and her brother Declan, 14, are both blind.

They were born with Leber’s congenital amaurosis – a rare eye disease which means the cells of the retina do not detect light.

The siblings, from Derbyshire, each have one of our Concerto 2 radios and mum Jacqui says they couldn’t be without them.

Imogen enjoys listening to story CDs on hers as it helps her to sleep while Declan is always listening to football matches and phone-ins.

The Concerto 2 has the function to record and playback, and Jacqui says when they were younger, they would play together with their sets – doing pretend radio shows and interviewing each other and they now enjoy listening back to the tapes they made.

“Imogen and Declan love their sets – they use them every day,” she said.

“They are a Godsend and I don’t know what they would do without them.

“British Wireless is a charity which has changed the lives of our two children.

“The Concerto 2s have been such a big part of their lives for many years.

“My daughter listens to many stories from the various audio libraries she’s enrolled in and my son regularly listens to away football matches of his local team, along with Talk Sport and 5 Live as he’s mad on football.

“They both have lots of tapes they recorded of themselves when they were younger and it’s fun for them to listen back several years later as to what they said and sounded like then.

“They would be totally lost without these valuable units.”

Imogen said: “I am very pleased with my Concerto. I use it every day and I love it lots.

“I like all the feely bits on the buttons so I know which ones to press and I think it’s clever you can plug a microphone into it – the sound is very good.”

Declan, who plays football and would love to represent England in the Paralympics, has had a BWBF radio since he was eight and learnt how to use it within 15 minutes!