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Nick Prutton (radio distributor)

Nick Prutton is one of our radio distributors, installing sets to blind and partially sighted people in Hertfordshire.

The 57-year-old has been volunteering with BWBF since 2013.

He was looking for something to do after moving back to the area from Devon and finding himself with time on his hands.

He came across the role on a volunteering website, applied for it and was visited by one of our Regional Development Managers who trained him up.

Although Nick didn’t personally know anybody who was visually impaired, he wanted to help a good cause and as he likes getting out and about and meeting people, felt it would suit him perfectly.

He says it varies how often he goes out to install a radio – it could be once a month or up to four times.

“I don’t really have a huge technical knowledge, but I know how to work a radio,” he says.

“They are quite self-explanatory.”

Nick says he enjoys the volunteering role as it can fit around everything else he’s doing and there’s no pressure to it, although he says he tries to get out to people as soon as he can after he’s been made aware they are waiting for a radio.

“People are always very pleased to see you and are really happy with their radios,” he said.

“They really rely on the sets from my experience – many of the people live alone.

“I couldn’t imagine being in all day every day so it’s nice to do a little something to help them.

“Sometimes if it’s been a couple of days they will say they’ve been waiting for it – the radios are their contact with the outside world.

“I love meeting people and it gets me out and about and also round to other places I might not otherwise go to as I cover the whole of Hertfordshire.”

Nick also says it’s a great volunteering role because you are directly dealing with the people which the charity benefits so you really feel like you are making a difference.