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Norman has one of our Concerto 2 sets and says he’s absolutely over the moon with it.

The 75-year-old is registered partially sighted as he has macular retinoschisis, which means that while he can see, his vision isn’t very good.

“I can see but I have got double vision in both eyes,” he said.

“My colour vision isn’t very good either. I can get around but details are a bit of a difficulty.”

Norman, who lives in Rainham, used to work for London Underground but was forced to retire as his eyesight deteriorated.

He says he gets a lot of enjoyment from his BWBF radio, using it to listen to talking magazines and books which he gets from a club he’s a member of.

He also loves listening to the radio.

“I think the Concerto is really quite remarkable – it serves me in good stead,” he said.

In the past, Norman has been part of a BWBF focus group where several radios were showcased for people to pass comment on.

He said while some of the machines were nice, they were too small and he couldn’t read what was going on but he says he finds the Concerto very simple to use as he can find the buttons easily and knows what to push, when and for how long.

“It’s very intuitive and it serves me very well,” he said.

“I have got nothing but praise for BWBF. I have been absolutely over the moon with my radio.”