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Accessible apps get partnership boost

British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF) is working with CGI, one of the largest IT and business consulting firms in the world, to identify new solutions to improve the charity’s range of accessible smartphone apps. CGI, which is supporting BWBF on a pro-bono basis, is focusing on developing a user-friendly sign-on mechanism for app users.  

BWBF’s Speech Radio and Talking Newspaper apps

Over the last two years, BWBF has launched two new accessible smartphone apps for users living with sight loss. The apps give easy access to newspapers and radio content using simple voice controls or gestures.  

Since then, the charity has been looking to develop a new membership area, allowing users to easily use all their apps via a single sign on. As part of its commitment to support communities, CGI has pulled together a team to help make this vision a reality.  

The partnership has seen the BWBF and CGI teams come together at a workshop to troubleshoot and identify technological solutions. The event will be the start of an ongoing programme of pro-bono technological support over the coming months. 

Bringing the “technical know-how” to support people with sight loss

Jeremy Brown, Vice President of Secure Innovation at CGI in the UK, said: “Our team is excited for this chance to use their technical know-how to help support people with sight loss. We are delighted to that BFWB is giving us the opportunity to contribute to their fantastic work.”  

Dave Beard, Head of Technology for BWBF, said: “Our charity is all about helping people with sight loss find connection and companionship via our apps and radios. We are incredibly grateful to be working with one of the world’s largest IT and business consulting firms to reach that aim. This partnership came about simply because one of our volunteers put us in touch with his employers at CGI. But it really shows what’s possible when we work together.  

“Our apps open a world of audio content that too often remains out of reach for people with sight loss. This partnership means we can open new doors in digital accessibility and offer an even better experience for our users.” 

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