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Campaign to issue more radios launched in eight areas

British Wireless has this week launched a campaign to increase the amount of radios it distributes in eight areas across the UK.

Hundreds of visually impaired people could benefit from a campaign British Wireless has launched this week to give out more radios.

Last year, we let you know how thanks to a grant from the ED Charitable Trust, we were able to start our Reaching Out project to gather the most up-to-date numbers of people with sight loss across the country.

Now that we have been able to analyse this data and understand where the gaps in our service are, we have launched the second phase of the project – a targeted campaign in the places we know we could be reaching more people.

We have started by choosing eight areas – two in each patch covered by our four Regional Development Managers.

The areas are County Durham, Cumbria, Bristol, Devon, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Part of the campaign involves getting in touch with hundreds of organisations, if we are not already working with them, who could be in contact with the visually impaired people we need to be supporting.

We have sent packs of our literature out to places like libraries, eye clinics, GP surgeries, support groups and other services which will come into contact with blind and partially sighted people in the hope they will then be referred to us.

We will also be aiming to attend events in the areas to support the campaign.

Project Manager David Beard said: “We have been working really hard to analyse the data we were able to collect thanks to the generous grant we received.

“We really hope this campaign will be a success and we’ll start to see referrals coming in for radios very soon.”

Our radios are issued on free loan to anyone who is registered blind or partially sighted, over the age of eight, resident in the UK and in receipt of a means-tested benefit.

To find out more or if you think you or someone you know is eligible, contact us on 01622 754757.