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  • Photo of ROXEL RDR 80Roxel RDR-80 is easy to set up portable DAB radio with a stylish design that will fit into any environment. You can easily store up to 40 stations, and swiftly navigate between DAB and FM stations. It is simple to use, when you first switch it on it will automatically tune in all the radio stations available and adjust the time. You can then go through and store your favourite stations (20 DAB/20 FM).


  • Dual alarm clock with Snooze function: Roxel RDR-80 could be used as bedside alarm clock. RDR-80 gives you the option to set up to two alarms with the dual alarm feature. Wake up to your favourite DAB/DAB+ or FM station, or an alarm buzzer. Alarm function can be set up for a single time or could be used as Daily, Weekends or just for Weekdays. Hit Snooze for few more minutes of sleep.


  • Mains or battery powered: Powered via the included micro USB cable and UK Plug, or use the built in lithium battery to enjoy music on the go for up to 12 hours from a single charge, perfect for use around the home, in the garden or any other outdoor activities or as an office radio with DAB function. It’s compact design and convenient carry handle, makes Roxel RDR-80 dab radio an ideal travel companion.
  • Packed with functions. RDR-80 comes with Bluetooth V5.0 that could be used as a Bluetooth speaker. You can stream your favourite tunes and podcasts via the Bluetooth function. It is also possible to use a USB stick or Micro SD card that includes your favourite MP3 songs. 3.5mm headphone socket allows you to input your headphones when you listen the radio without disturbing or being disturbed by others.


  • Automatic time set and clock change. The digital clock will set the time and date automatically and will adjust the time as the clocks go forward or backward.

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