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Future of UK radio to be decided in 2020

Opus DAB+

Which? The consumer association recently published an article that included the government’s plans for a review of the radio industry. 

The report will take in to account the full range of ways people listen to the radio, including analogue, DAB and online listening through apps and smart speakers.

The outline of the review does not specifically mention the analogue switch-off – where analogue radios using FM will no longer have access to any stations – but it will consider the latest trends to ensure that the ways people are currently listening are taken into account with future investment in radio infrastructure.  

British Wireless For The Blind Fund has always been and will remain at the forefront of future trends within the audio industry and continues to work closely with our friends at Roberts and Kings Audio to ensure that the equipment we provide is of the highest quality and meets the needs of the listener.  

In the final part of the article they give tips on ‘how to make sure your next radio is future-ready’.

  • Go digital
  • Get DAB+
  • Get a radio with external inputs

The most recent addition to our product range, The Opusticks all the recommendations for being ‘future-ready’.  Uniquely designed with visually impaired users in mind, the DAB+FM digital radio from Roberts has both external inputs and the facility for Bluetooth audio streaming from a smart device. This is something we will be looking to ensure remains as a design standard on all our future products.

Read the full Which? article here