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Letter from Dame Vera Lynn discovered as singer celebrates 100th birthday

The letter with the Roberts R505, issued in 1974

Letter from Dame Vera Lynn discovered as singer celebrates 100th birthday


A letter written by Dame Vera Lynn in response to a fundraising appeal she did for British Wireless has been discovered as the singer celebrates her 100th birthday.

British Wireless has discovered a handwritten letter from Dame Vera Lynn which she wrote in response to a 1973 fundraising appeal.

We came across the piece of our history for sale on eBay and now have the item back in our possession.

The White Cliffs of Dover singer, who is releasing an album this month to celebrate her 100th birthday on March 20th, issued an appeal for funds for the charity in the 1970s.

The letter, which is on British Wireless headed paper, reads: “Thank you so much for your kind gift in response to my appeal.

“Your kindness will bring pleasure to some blind person who will be as grateful as I am for your generosity this Christmas.

“All best wishes for 1974. Yours Vera Lynn.”

The team at British Wireless contacted the person who was selling the letter and she kindly reduced the price so it could be added to the charity’s archives, which hold a number of historical items including a similar letter from Sir Winston Churchill’s wife Clementine.

The seller told BWBF she had obtained the letter about 30 years ago after attending an auction.

She was a book collector and went to the event in Brighton, where she bid on some Vera Lynn and Gracie Fields memorabilia collections.

Her grandson recently suggested putting the letter on eBay and it wasn’t until the charity made contact that she realised it was still providing radios to people with sight loss.

CEO Margaret Grainger said: “We’re delighted to have this wonderful letter to add to our collection.

“With such a long and proud history of supporting blind people around the country, it’s great to be reminded of past appeals.

“It’s lovely to have a link to Dame Vera Lynn, and especially to discover the letter at this time when she is preparing to celebrate such a milestone birthday.

“We’d like to say thank you to the seller for letting us have it at a reduced price.”