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Second round of Reaching Out campaign launched

British Wireless has launched the second phase of its Reaching Out campaign to help blind people living in another eight areas of the UK.

The campaign is designed to help us make contact with the hundreds of visually impaired people we know could be benefiting from our service.

This week (June 5th) we have launched the second phase of the project in Manchester, Lancashire, Coventry, East and West Sussex, Cornwall, Wales, Dumfries and Galloway and Northumberland.

Data we were able to collect thanks to a grant from the ED Charitable Trust allowed us to see where the gaps in our service are and where we could be helping more people, so we have targeted the campaign in those areas.

We had a positive response from the first round of the project and hope the second phase will lead to more awareness and an increase in uptake of our service.

Our radios are issued on free loan to anyone who is registered blind or partially sighted, over the age of eight, resident in the UK and in receipt of a means-tested benefit.

To find out more or if you think you or someone you know is eligible, contact us on 01622 754757.